View Full Version : lab data acquisition & conditioner for sale

Kysa Beringer
08-25-2004, 02:59 AM
Our lab recently changed from Windows to a Mac/UNIX platform. As such, there are
several items in excellent condition now available for cheap.

- Datapac 2K2 (by RunTech) data acquisition and analysis system (software and
hardware; includes A/D board, BNC box, manual, and complete software system
including Output Module to drive external equipment such as stimulators)

- PCI DAS 1200 A/D Board (includes D/A)

- Axon Instruments CyberAmp 380 8-channel programmable signal conditioner (very
versatile; use a PC to set gain/filter/baseline on just about any transducer
including loadcells, pots, microphone, accelerometers)

All items work great, have seen little use, and are about 2 years old. See
http://www.cscientists.org for more information.

This is a great opportunity to start-up or expand a crowded movement lab for a
fraction of the cost. All reasonable offers considered.

Kysa Beringer
Neuromotor Lab

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