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08-30-2004, 05:11 PM
Dear Sirs,

I am working on Sport and Biomechanical analysis.

I am in great need for the following papers :

Kennedy, P., Brown, P., Chengalur, S. N., & Nelson, R. C. (1990). Analysis of
male and female Olympic swimmers in the 100-meter events. International
Journal of Sport Biomechanics, 6, 187-197.

Higgs, S. L., & Gallagher, H. (1979). The effect of arm position on strength
of pull in freestyle and backstroke. Swimming Technique, 16, 24-27.

Rouard, A. H., & Billat, R. P. (1990). Influences of sex and level of
performance on freestyle stroke: an electromyography and kinematic study.
International Journal of Sports Medicine, 11, 150-155.

Craig, A. B., Jr., & Pendergast, D. R. (1979). Relationships of stroke rate,
distance per stroke, and velocity in competitive swimming. Medicine and
Science in Sports and Exercise, 11, 278-283.

Dutto, D. J., & Cappaert, J. M. (1994). Biomechanical and physiological
differences between males and females during freestyle swimming. Medicine and
Science in Sports and Exercise, 26(5), Supplement abstract 1098.

I wasn't able to find them.

I will be gratefull if anyone can send them to me
via e-mail, because they are very critical to my job.

Thanks in advance,

Giulia Dona'

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Dott. ssa Giulia Doną

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Via di Barbiano 1/10 e-mail: g.dona@biomec.ior.it
40136 Bologna Italy URL: http://www.ior.it/biomec

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