View Full Version : The XIVth ISB Congress

Krystyna Gielo-perczak
09-06-1993, 12:24 PM
Dear subscribers,

As I write this email, probably most of us who participated in the XIVth
ISB Congress have arrived back from vacation.

The Congress was very significant and interesting by any measure:
- Attendance,
- Number of presentations,
- Pre-congres courses,
- Educational and professional value of exhibits,
- Number of subcommittee meetings,
- Awards presented,
- sublime atmosphere of the Opening Ceremony,
- fantastic choice of banquet place.

This Biannual Congress and its associated events are vital to the development
of ISB and its members. I am very grateful for the huge effort and work
of those who organised it to be in one of the most amazing cities in
the world Paris, with its own special atmosphere, architecture, arts,
culture and traditions. It is easy to imagine the difficulties which
confronted the organisers.

For the improvment of our future Congress meetings, maybe it would be well
to open a discussion. Please send to me your impressions of the Congress
and ideas for future meetings.


Krystyna Gielo-Perczak
Co-moderator Biomch-L