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Panagiotis Artemiadis
09-06-2004, 09:02 PM
Dear Sirs,

I am working on my PhD on the Control System Laboratory
of the Mechanical Engineering Department of the National
Technical Universoty of Athens, Greece.

I am in the need of the moment of inertia value of the
forearm-hand segment of the human uuper limb.

I have computed this by using the equations provided in the
book of David Winter : Biomechanics and Motor Control of Human Movement.
But the value I have reached up is 0.23 Kgm^2, which I think is
much greater than I have came up in other papers.

I would like to ask you if you can inform me if this value
it's ok , and if you can, send me the right value.

If you can, I would be very gratefull to receive from you
the above papers:

Zatsiorsky, V. and Selujanov V. (1983) The mass and inertia
characteristics of the man segments
of the human body. Biomechanics YIII-B (Eds.=A0 Matsui, H., and Kobayashi K.)
pp. 1151-1159. Human Kinetic Publishers, (Ok, I know its a book, but
do you have it all or this portion (pp 1151-1159) in pdf format?)

Walsh E. G. & Wright G. W. (1987a) 'Inertia, resonant frequency,
stiffness and kinetic energy of the human forearm.' Quarterly Journal
of Experimental Physiology, 72, 161-170.

Finally I would like to ask another question.

As I am building a dynamic model of the human forearm-hand,
I would like to know if I have to add friction on the elbow
joint (flexion-extension is the only degree of freedom I am
interestd in for now). And if I must do it, is it like:
Friction = K * q_dot, where q_dot is the angular velocity
of the moving forearm-hand?
And what is the value of the constant K?

Thanks in advance for your help,

Panagiotis Artemiadis

Panagiotis K. Artemiadis
PhD Candidate
Control Systems Laboratory
Mechanical Eng. Dept
National Technical University of Athens
9 Heroon Polytechniou Str.,
Zografou Athens 15700, Greece
Phone : ++30 - 210 - 7723656

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