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09-07-2004, 10:08 PM
Dear All

I am having problems converting electrogoniometer (Biometrics Ltd.) data, which was captured in Vicon Workstation (analogue set-up: general scale 0.004883; input +/-5 V; scale 1) into angle data (degs.). Could anyone please advise me on how this is achieved?
(For captured walking trials, raw analogue knee flexion/extension data range between 0.2-1.6 V.)

Any help, gratefully received!
Thanks in advance.

Liz Evans
Clinical Research Biomechanist
Geriatric Medicine
Clinical Developmental Sciences
3rd Floor Lanesborough Wing
St. George's Hospital Medical School
Cranmere Avenue
Tooting Broadway
SW17 0RE

0208 725 5136

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