View Full Version : PC port of locomotion analysis software

Dwight Meglan
09-07-1993, 04:54 AM

I thought that I should post a brief update on my progress in porting my
locomotion analysis and display software from the VAX to the PC. A number
of you have inquired on its progress (especially since I thought it would
be done by now...), so here's where I am right now.

I have had some problems with the compilers that I bought. I am using the C
and FORTRAN compilers from WATCOM because they can handle large programs
and generate 32bit executables. This is necessay because ANZ is so large.
The FORTRAN compiler is for the original VAX FORTRAN code while the C
compiler is for the public domain 3d graphics library (VOGLE) that I am

I had to convert all my file names to DOS names (the names were much larger
and more descriptive on the VAX) and change a number of small things in the
source code to be compatible with the FORTRAN compiler. Having done that, I
managed to produce code that crashed the compiler. WATCOM eventually found
that there was a bug in the compiler and fixed it. I then managed to
produce object modules with the new compiler that created an executable
that will not run. WATCOM is still looking into this one, but it looks like
I have managed to find another bug...

In the meantime, I have managed to get the 3d graphics library to compile
and run both C and FORTRAN test programs. I am right now starting to put
together an emulation library that will map DI3000 calls to VOGLE calls so
that the same VAX based graphics code can be used on the PC unchanged. This
will probably take a few more weeks. Hopefully, in the meantime WATCOM will
come up with a fix for latest problem.

Sorry for the delays- this has been most frustrating for me, especially
since I do this on my own time and I have a several papers waiting to be
finished that need data that I must process through ANZ. When things get
closer to final release I'll post another progress report.

Thanks to those of you who have sent me an occaisional note about what you
are using ANZ for - I appreciate hearing that my time spent cleaning up the
software for public release was not wasted.

dwight meglan