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Flash Tamar
09-07-1993, 08:10 PM
Coming Soon (September 1993) in the Journal of Motor Behavior:

Theme Issue on: ``Modeling the control of upper limb movement''

In recent years, computational models and quantitative approaches
have become an indispensable part of neuroscience and cognitive
science research, especially in the areas of sensory information
processing and motor control, and are considered both legitimate
and significant tools for advancing our understanding of the organization
and functions of the nervous system.

The September 1993 issue of JMB, guest edited by Tamar Flash with
executive editor Alan Wing, will be devoted solely to the theme of
quantitative models of the control of goal-directed arm and hand
movements. The issue will focus on several major aspects of this
topic and will serve to illuminate the large number and complexity of
the problems underlying the selection, planning, execution, and
learning of arm and hand movements. The theme issue will also serve
to illustrate the diverse modeling approaches used in studies of arm
and hand motor control. The foci of the articles published in this
issue are multiple, including various motor actions (e.g., posture,
reaching, grasping), different levels of analysis (multi-effector
coordination; trajectory planning, corrections, and execution;
muscle activation; motor learning), and the quantitative approaches
include linear systems-based approaches, optimization, neural
network models, and others.

Following are the authors and titles of the articles that will
appear in the September 1993 issue:

* H. Cruse, M. Bruer, and J. Dean
``Control of Three- and Four-Joint Arm Movement: Strategies for
a Manipulator With Redundant Degrees of Freedom."

* J.R. Flanagan, D.J. Ostry and A.G. Feldman
``Control of Trajectory Modifications in Target-Directed Reaching.''

* G. Gottlieb
``A Computational Model of the Simplest Motor Program.''

* M. Hirayama, M. Kawato and M.I. Jordan
``The Cascade Neural Network Model and a Speed-Accuracy Trade-Off
of Arm Movement.''

* B. Hoff and M.A. Arbib
``Models of Trajectory Formation and Temporal Interaction of Reach
and Grasp.''

* J.M. McIntyre and E. Bizzi
``Servo Hypotheses for the Biological Control of Movement.''

* R.C. Miall, D.J. Weir, D.M. Wolpert and J.F. Stein
``Is the Cerebellum a Smith Predictor?.''

* D.A. Rosenbaum, S.E. Engelbrecht, M.M. Busche and Loukia D. Loukopoulos
``Knowledge Model for Selecting and Producing Reaching Movements.''

* R. Shadmehr
``Control of Equilibrium Position and Stiffness Through Postural Modules.''

* M. Theeuwen, L.E. Miller and C.C.A.M. Gielen
``Are the Orientations of Head and Arm Related During Pointing Movements?''

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