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Karen Moreno
09-14-2004, 07:46 AM
Dear all,

I'm a PhD Student at the University of Bristol, U.K. (but I'm from
Chile) and current pre-doctoral fellow at the National Museum of Nat.
Hist. of the Smithsonian Institution, Washington DC.

Currently I'm doing some finite element analysis on
pedal bones (metatarsals and phalanges), to study the stress
distribution along the foot. And correlating this data to trabecular
architecture from CT images (It does nicely!). My focus really is on
dinosaurs (theropods-ornithopods), in order to see the loading
patterns evolution from plantigrady to unguligrady. As also parallely
happened with mammals.

I would appreciate if you can help me with references or any info

- FEA on pedal bones (with emphasys in metatarsals and Phalanges,
rather than ankle and hooves) of human, horses or any other animal.

- Pedal loading distribution using force platform data of any animal
(including human).

- Any info related to valet dancer's foot: fractures, kinematic,
Anatomy (x-Rays), FEA...etc. As a way to see changes due standing "en
pointe" (a forced "unguligrad" stance). It would be also nice to talk
with somebody about dancer's foot in general (Doctor in medicine?,
dancer it self?), I have a lot of question about that!.

Thanks before hand
(and after foot... ;)

Karen Moreno

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Karen Moreno*
University of Bristol
Earth Sciences Department
Bristol, BS8 1RJ, U.K.
E-Mail: K.Moreno@bristol.ac.uk OR dinohuella@yahoo.com

*NOW AT: Dept. of Paleobiology, NMNH, Smithsonian Institution, P.O.Box 37012 NHB MRC 121, Washington DC 20013-7012, USA.
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