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09-26-2004, 08:34 AM
Dear Members,

I am looking for an unweighing system suitable for a number of
applications including both high-speed treadmill running and balance
training in older individuals. I have looked a little at the Biodex system,
but I cannot tell if it can support someone who loses their balance
completely and falls. It says 150 lbs of unweighing. Are there any other
quality products out there? Can one purchase one used? Can any of them
support a person who is in a complete fall?

Brian Schilling

Brian Schilling, Ph.D., CSCS

NSCA South Central Regional Coordinator

Assistant Professor, Exercise Neuromechanics Lab Director,

Department of Health and Sport Sciences,

The University of Memphis

901-678-3475 Fax: 206-201-7607

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