View Full Version : 3D viscoelastic analysis

09-27-2004, 01:34 AM
Hi all,
I'm working on developing a 3D linear viscoelastic finite element
model for my term project. The literature i have found to date talk
about 1D finite element models. These are the books i have referred so
far : (a)The Finite Element Method by Zienkiewicz (b) Creep Analysis by
Krauss (c)Viscoelasticity by William Flugge. I have not found any
journal papers that talk about finite element analysis of a linear
viscoelastic solid in 3D. And I'm not sure how to extend the 1D models
to 3D. For eg., what would be the effect of poisson's ratio on the
stress strain-rate equations.
I would really appreciate it if
(a) someone can point me to literature (books/papers) that talks about
finite element analysis of a 3D (linear) viscoelastic solid OR
(b) someone has worked out the finite element formulations/mathematical
equations for a 3D linear viscoelastic solid and is willing to share it
with me.
P.S : I have been asked to program the 3D linear viscoelastic finite
element analysis in C/C++. So I CANNOT use any commercial software.

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