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John Mclean
09-27-2004, 11:31 PM
I would be very grateful if someone could help explain PNF stretching to
me as I find most textbooks/websites confusing and giving different

As an example can I use quad/hamsrings as an example ?

When the leg is stretched there will be passive shortening of the quads
and lengthening of the hamstrings.

Am I correct in assuming at this point there is no activation of GTOs
at this stage ? If there is GTO activation is it physiologically
relevant ? Does it affect the quads or the hamstrings or both ?

Next, is the siometric contraction of the quads ? I guess this leads to
activation of the GTOS and subsequent realaxation of the quads. But does
it affect the hamstrings ?

Thanks very much for any help you can give me.

Dr. John S. McLean

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