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Omar Mian
09-28-2004, 04:25 AM
This message summarises responses I received to a question I posted a
week or two ago. The summary follows the original question shown below.
Many thanks to those who responded.


Omar Mian
Institute for Biophysical and Clinical Research into Human Movement
Manchester Metropolitan University
Alsager Campus
United Kingdom

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Dear Biomch-L subscribers,
I am looking for videotape/DVD/CD-ROM resources that show movies of
individuals with different types of gait impairment. The impairments may
be classified descriptively (e.g. abnormal hip rotation, excessive trunk
bending etc) or by their pathological cause (e.g. spastic hemiplegia,
parkinsonism etc). The important thing is that the resource is not
simply a description of how to do gait analysis (describing/showing
methods of examination) but is a visual reference of key features of
common impairment (ideally with movies of frontal and sagittal plane
movement with commentary or notes highlighting the key features of each
type of gait impairment). Any suggestion of such resources would be much
appreciated as I have found relevant info hard to come by on the net.
regards Omar


I came across a videotape titled "Principles of Pathological Gait in
Cerebral Palsy" produced by Gillette Children's advertised at this URL
http://www.gillettechildrens.org/default.cfm/PID= According to
the description it "illustrates the common gait deviations at each of
the major lower extremity joints using live action and a simulated
walking skeleton with muscles and ground reaction forces".

Kevin Garrison suggested a videotape produced by the American Academy of
Orthopaedic Surgeons that deals with normal gait as well as a number of
gait disorders. http://www4.aaos.org/product/vid_item.cfm?code=29066.

Steve Cobb suggested a videotape titled "People walking: Pathological
patterns and normal changes over the life span". It is published by
SLACK Incorporated and is designed to accompany "The Gait Workbook: A
Practical Guide to Clinical Gait Analysis" by Jan Bruckner.
http://www.slackbooks.com/view.asp?SlackCode=43500. According to the
website it "focuses on pathological patterns and shows seven walkers
with gait deviations that range from severe to subtle. Viewers can hone
their skills in observational gait analysis by watching this spectrum of
pathological gait patterns".

I had several responses suggesting I look at the case of the week
section of Dr Chris Kirtleys Clinical Gait Analysis website

Finally, a book by Dr Chris Kirtley that is due to be published by
Elsevier next may (Clinical Gait Analysis: Theory and Practice) will be
accompanied with a CD with a selection of gait videos. In addition he
has a useful looking resource called 'gait browser' under development
that may also be incuded with the book. Here are the relevant details:

Dear Omar,
Funnily enough, I have been experimenting with just such a "Gait
Browser" lately for my forthcoming book, 'Clinical Gait Analysis; theory
and practice". http://www.univie.ac.at/cga/GaitBrowser. Basically, my
idea is that you choose the type of gait or disease (condition), then
are given a list of abnormalities - when you choose one of these you are
offered a list of the videos that show that particular thing. I have
thought of adding the view (right, left, front,
rear) but not got around to it yet. I'd be interested in feedback - it's
still pretty basic (I just put a few videos in to test it). For some
reason you seem to need to hit Refresh in Internet Explorer to make it
work, by the way.
I'd be interested in feedback - it's still pretty basic (I just put a
few videos in to test it). For some reason you seem to need to hit
Refresh in Internet Explorer to make it work, by the way.

The videos are listed in a file in this format:

Name|URL|Condition|Abnormalities (sperated by commas)
trunk flexion,Reduced cadence

Let me know what you think!
Dr. Chris Kirtley MD PhD
Associate Professor
Dept. of Biomedical Engineering
Catholic University of America
620 Michigan Ave NE, Washington, DC 20064
Tel. 202-319-6247, fax 202-319-4287
Email: kirtley@cua.edu

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