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Krystyna Gielo-perczak
09-11-1993, 08:44 AM
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Automobile, mass transit vehicle, aircraft, and other industries are
focusing more attention than ever before on reducing occupant injuries
during crashes. Thus interest is increasing in computerized crash simulation
The following information about new publications SAE ( The Engineering
Society For Advancing Mobility: Land, Sea, Air and Space ) may be of interest
to the readership of BIOMCH-L.

1. Biomechanics of impact injury and injury tolerance of the head-neck
comlex. Edited by Stanley H. Backaitis, 1993.
This book contains papers that provide up-to-date references on the
fundamentals of human head-neck anatomy and the biomechanics of impact
injury and injury tolerances of these two body segments. Seven sections
cover: * Head Neck Anthropometry, Physiology and Morphology
* Head-Neck Kinematics and Impact Response
* Head-Neck Impact Tolerance and Injury Criteria
* Brain Injury
* Face-Skull Injury
* Neck Injury
* Head-Neck Structural Properties and Modeling

ISBN 1-56091-363-0, 68 papers, 1,200 pp.

2. SAE Vehicle Occupant Restraint Systems and Components Standards Manual.
1993 Edition
This manual is a compilation of SAE Standards, Recommended Practices,
and Information Reports related to seat belts, restraint systems, and
collision tests. Included are design, engineering, testing, and
installation recommendations for restraint devices used in passenger
cars, trucks, construction equipment, and civil transport aircraft.

ISBN 1-56091-399-1, 400 pp.

3. Frontal Impact Protection: Seat Belts and Air Bags.
Conference Proceedings SAE'93.
This publication provides the latest details on new and developing
technologies related to frontal impact protection. Partial contents
* Frontal Offset and Angled Impact Passive Protection
* Thorarcic and Lumbar Spine Injuries and the Lap-Shoulder
* A Laboratory Technique for Assessing the Skin Abrasion
Potential of Airbags
* Tradeoffs Encountered in Evaluating Crash Sensing Systems.

ISBN 1-56091-332-0, 14 papers, 148 pp.

4. Seat System Comfort and Safety.
Conference Proceedings SAE'93.
This informative publication discusses seat systems:
* Seat Comfort
* Automotive Seat Design Affecting Comfort and Safety
* New Biomechanical Models for Automobile Seat Design.

ISBN 1-56091-348-7, 19 Papers, 204 pp.

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