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10-07-2004, 10:39 AM
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> From: Grant Jenkins
> Date: 7 October 2004 8:09:14 AM
> Subject: Quad, Hammstring, hip fleor ratio
> 1) How relevant is this ratio (either for injury prevention or
> performance enhancement) since, in running, the function of the
> hamstrings seems to be to decelerate hip flexion rather than to oppose
> knee extension?

For hamstring injury prevention (I don't know about performance) the
recent evidence suggests that it is not important.
What counts is the optimum length of the hamstring muscle.
For our work see:
Brockett, C., D.L. Morgan, and U. Proske, Predicting hamstring strain
injury in elite athletes. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise,
2004. 36(3): p. 379-387.

David Morgan
Professor of Biomedical Engineering
Monash University

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