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10-11-2004, 06:49 AM
VISITOR – Marie Curie Host Fellowships EST
European funded doctoral-level student research position available

Doctoral Position title : Responsive Virtual Reality for Neurobehavioural
Study in Movement and Balance Control in Human. ARTIS GRAVIR Laboratory
(INRIA Rhônes-Alpes, Grenoble, France).

IMPORTANT: the applicant should not be French.
Deadline for application: Monday 18th of October 2004 included.

The ARTIS GRAVIR Laboratory (INRIA Rhônes-Alpes, France) has European funded
doctoral-level student research positions. Applications are invited for a
three-year research position on the NeuroVR Project (Virtual Reality for
Neurobehavioural study) working with Drs. Jean-Dominique Gascuel (VR
development) and Olivier Martin (neurobehavioral experiment and analysis).
The aim of this project is: 1) to develop responsive virtual reality (VR)
environments to study the neurobehavioral mechanisms underlying visual and
vestibular adaptation in normal and pathological subjects; 2) to explore
vision-movement-posture co-ordination, and equilibrium control in human by
the way of immersive VR environment.

The experimental context and the methodology deal with visual perturbation
and motion analysis, 3D human motion capture, real-time data processing and
analysis, reactive/responsive virtual reality. The VR-Motion Analysis
platform includes a large VR room with curved-screen, 3D optoelectronic-
motion analysis system (selspot and optotrak), force platforms, EMG, and
extensive computer hardware/software (including PC, SGI Onyx3) for real-time
data collection and visualization as well as for the development and analysis
of vision-movement-equilibrium co-ordination models. Experiments are done
with normal subjects and patients (neurocognitive and sensorimotor
pathologies). This project will be carried out in collaboration with the NET
and Neurology Departments of the University Hospital at Grenoble, France.
Research and application interests are to develop and validate new reactive
VR environments for neurobehavioral rehabilitation protocol in diagnosis and
therapeutic approaches applied to visuomotor and postural disturbance.

The candidate is expected to have a master degree and background in computer
graphics, virtual reality and good programming skills. The successful
applicant will be expected to conduct collaborative applied research and
development in these areas. He/she will be involved with all aspects of
research being conducted by the VR-Motion Analysis team. Responsibilities
include project planning, experimental setup design, software development,
patient testing, data analysis, grant writing and manuscript preparation. We
are looking for someone who is bright, enthusiastic, and have a strong
interest in the use of VR in human motor control studies, measurements and
analysis, and clinical assessment of equilibrium disorders. Competencies in
motor, cognitive and/or clinical neurosciences, or related field, especially
in the visuomotor and postural control systems, will be appreciated but not

The INRIA and the University Joseph Fourier at Grenoble, France has a large
concentration of researchers in the areas of VR, movement analysis and human
motor control. The development of the neurosciences environment and
application offers an excellent arena for growth and collaboration.

Salary and grant are competitive and based on European criteria :
- gross salary: 31985 euros(€)/year (2665€ /month), around 2000€/month net.
- travel grant (once a year) proportional to distance : 1000€ from 1500 to
2500 km
- mobility grant for installation expenses : 500€/month for a single,
800€/month if head of family
- career grant to cover expenses for search of job (mailing, travel, etc.) :

The appointment is available beginning of 2005 for 3 years and will be filled
as soon as an appropriate candidate is identified.
Applicants should be young researchers, i.e. already have obtained a master
of science (or equivalent), clearly identified in research, but less than 4
years of full time research experience. They should not be French, and should
not have stayed more than 12 months in the last 3 years.
Interested and qualified applicants should send a letter, curriculum vitae,
list of publications, two letters of reference, academic mark and position
(according to the class) to Jean-Dominique.Gascuel@imag.fr, and to:

Jean-Dominique.Gascuel ARTIS - GRAVIR/IMAG - CNRS UMR 5527
INRIA 655 av de l' Europe; 38334 St Ismier CEDEX; FRANCE
Fax : int + 33 476 615 440

See the ARTIS-GRAVIR laboratory web page: http://artis.imag.fr
See the NeuroVR project web page:
More information the Marie Curie Host Fellowships EST Visitor can also be
found at: http://www.inrialpes.fr/movi/pub/Visitor/

Closing date for application : Monday 18th october 2004 included

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