View Full Version : Rehabilitation of Osseointegrated Prosthesis for amputees

10-12-2004, 12:44 PM
Dear Subscribers,

Now we finished the preliminary test on osseointegration with canine
models. During that time, we could observe the bone resorption around the
end of stump. Examinations for superficial and deep infection were
performed from naked eye and CBC respectively. From them, we could not find
deep infection or osteomyelitis, but superficial infection. But I assume
that superficial infection was not a main reason for bone resorption. How
can we explain this result?
And we want to know the effective rehabilitation exercise for finger or AK
amputees escaped from stress shielding and infection problem.
Any information and comment will be helpful for us. Thank you in advance.

Tae-Soo Bae
Research Scientist/Biomechanics team
Korea Orthopedics & Rehabilitation Engineering Center (KOREC)
Tel. 82-32-500-0583 Fax 82-32-512-9794 HP 017-296-2407

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