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10-13-2004, 04:27 AM
Dear members,
I asked a question a year ago regarding using hyperelastic models
for soft tissue and am still getting inquiry for the answers. I am
posting a summary of answers. I want to thank people who provide me


My question:
Dear group members,
I am working on modeling soft tissues (mainly live and breast) using
FEA. I intend to use a hyper-elastic material model, but it is hard
for me to find realistic parameters for these types of tissues. Did
anybody in this group have similar experience? Reference and
suggestions will be highly appreciated.
Thanks a lot!

I suggest you look at this one:

Miller, K. "Constitutive Modeling of Abdominal Organs", J.
Biomechanics., Vol.
33/3, pp. 367-373, 2000.


A couple of references that I have come across might be of interest to
Farshad, M., M. Barbezat, et al. (1999). "Material characterization of
the pig kidney in relation with the biomechanical analysis of renal
trauma." Journal of Biomechanics 32(4): 417-25.

Prendergast PJ, Lally C, Daly S, Reid AJ, Lee TC, Quinn D, Dolan F.
Analysis of prolapse in cardiovascular stents: a constitutive equation
for vascular tissue and finite-element modeling. Journal
Biomechanical Engineering, 125:692-699, 2003.

Mark Zobitz
Orthopedic Biomechanics Laboratory
Mayo Clinic College of Medicine
Rochester, MN 55905

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Dear colleague,

I am working on FEA soft tissue modelling too. Which code are you
using, abaqus, Marc..? And i have some experience on hyperelastic
modelling, mainly in ruberlike materials and heel pad's soft tissue.

I hope this reference will help you:

Azar,F.S. et al (2000) A finite element model of the breast for
predicting mechanical deformations during biopsy procedures. IEEE
workshop on Mathematical Methods in Biomedical image Analysis.( Hilton
Head, south carolina, June 2000)

There are too another interesting book:

Fung,YC. (1993) Biomechanics: mechanical properties of living tissues,
2nd edition, New-York: Springer verlag.

Best regards.

IVAN GARCIA YUSA (ivgaryu@ibv.upv.es)
Area I+D
Instituto de Biomecanica de Valencia
Universidad Politecnica de Valencia
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46022 Valencia
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