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Bart Spikker
10-21-2004, 02:41 AM
Dear all,

First I will introduce myself. I am a student on the Electrical Engineering
department on the University Twente in the Netherlands. Currently I am doing
my graduate project: Design and construction of a telemanipulation system.
At the moment I am working on a (simple) model for the index finger so I can
optimize my haptic device. My model needs to give all force distributions in
the whole workspace of the finger.

For validating my model I need some data from the forces the (index)finger
can produce, data about the fibre and muscle lengths, parameters for the
describing formula of the active and passive forces (muscle architecture
index, b1 and b2 etc). Can someone help me to provide me with this data?

Thanks for your help in advance, sincerely,

Bart Spikker (b.w.j.spikker@student.utwente.nl)


I describe the force formula as follow:
Fpee = (b1*exp(b2*(epsilon))-b1) for passive forces
Fce = exp(-( ( (epsilon+1)^(0.96343*(1-1/i_a))-1.0 )/( 0.35327*(1-i_a) ) ));
for active forces
Where i_a is the muscle architecture and epsilon the relative muscle

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