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10-21-2004, 02:47 AM
Technician Position in Cartilage research

A technician position will soon be available* in
the Microscopic NMR Imaging (ÁMRI) Lab in
Department of Physics, Oakland University. OU is
located in suburban Rochester, Michigan, in north
Oakland County, which boasts one of the most
picturesque campuses in the country.

We study articular cartilage using
multidisciplinary techniques, including
non-invasive ÁMRI, polarized light microscopy and
histology, Fourier-transform infrared imaging
(FTIRI) system, and chemical and mechanical
calibrations. MRI instrumentation consists of a
Bruker AMX 300 NMR system with 7T wide-bore
superconducting magnet, microimaging accessories,
and a SGI workstation. Other major instruments in
our lab include an EnduraTec ELF 3200 mechanical
testing system, a Leica DM RXP polarized light
microscope interfaced with a 12-bit CCD camera, a
soon-to-be-installed FTIRI system, a biochemistry
and histology lab, and a number of personal
computers running Macintosh, UNIX, and Windows
operating systems.

The successful candidate should possess practical
skills in the histology of cartilage or other
connective tissue and a strong background in the
routine operation of various modern instruments.
Working knowledge of computers and Internet will
be an asset. Specifically, we are looking for a
highly motivated individual who will participate
in the multidisciplinary research activities in
our lab as part of a team. Additional
responsibilities include
of existing instrument and computers, assistance
in data analysis, training new students and other
users, and other related duties as assigned.
Handling live animal is not required. This is a
full-time position funded for up to five years,
renewable on a yearly basis given adequate
performance. The position can also be tailored
into part-time for a set of specific

Interested individuals should send their CV,
statement of previous experience, and the names,
telephone numbers, and e-mail addresses of at
least three references to:
Dr. Yang Xia
Associate Professor of Physics
Dept of Physics, Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309, USA
Tel: 248-370-3420; Fax: 248-370-3408; E-mail: xia@oakland.edu
Web: http://www.oakland.edu/~xia/XiaLab_index.html.

* Pending final budgetary approval. OU is an equal opportunity employer.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~
Yang Xia, Ph. D.
276 Hannah Hall, Physics Department
Oakland University, Rochester, MI 48309-4487, USA
Tel: (248) 370-3420(office), 370-2403(NMR), 370-3402 & 370-4873 (labs)
Fax: (248) 370-3408 Email: xia@oakland.edu
Web: http://www.oakland.edu/~xia/
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

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