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Christian Peham
10-21-2004, 08:09 PM
European Workshop on Movement Science EWOMS

Vienna, Austria, June 2-4, 2005




The workshop seeks to provide a forum for researchers from various
disciplines that work, broadly defined, on problems of sensorimotor
function. It offers an opportunity for researchers from across Europe to
convene and to present their research to an interdisciplinary audience.
The impetus for this workshop is the dissatisfaction with the current
fragmentation of movement science research across scientific
disciplines. This fragmentation is bound to lead to limited familiarity
and insights of theoretical concepts and empirical findings that are
made in disciplines other than one's own. An exchange of knowledge
across disciplines, addressing similar issues from biological,
psychological, sport scientific, neurological, neurophysiological,
physiological, biomechanical perspectives will contribute to a more
unified, coherent model of the processes, capacities and nature of motor
control. The emphasis of the workshop will be on human movement, but
contributions based on non-human sensorimotor research are invited too.


The workshop will consist of:

a) Plenary presentations by leading experts addresssing areas of
general interest to the movement science community. Each presentation
will be followed by a short invited commentary. Afterwards the
discussion will be opened by the plenum, where every member of the
audience is invited to engage in the discussion.

b) Poster sessions organized in thematic sessions. Unlike in many
other workshops and conferences, these poster sessions will be placed in
prominent places of the workshop program. No concurrent sessions will
divert attention. They are integral part of the workshop and allow for a
detailed presentation of your research to an interdisciplinary audience.

c) Mini-symposia. These small symposia will center around a common
theme and include 4-5 short oral presentations. The contributions in a
mini-symposium should approach the theme from different,
interdisciplinary view points. Each presentation will have 5 minutes for

It is believed that this set-up will promote an in-depth knowledge
exchange between researchers in different disciplines from different
European countries.

The following is a tentative list of topics.

· Cognitive and neuropsychological aspects of locomotion

· Neural systems and control, central motion pattern generation

· Biomechanics of bones, muscles, joints and tendons,
neuro-muscular activity

· Sports Sciences - Normal, athletic and comparative locomotion

· Dynamical systems perspective of locomotion

· Computer simulations in locomotion research

· Brain interfaces, functional electrostimulation

· Mechanical reconstruction - Prosthetics, Orthotics, Robotics

· Other movement related topics


The following keynote speakers have confirmed their attendance at the
workshop as keynote speakers:

§ Axel Cleeremans, Brussels, Belgium

§ Carlo J. De Luca, Boston, USA

§ Sten Grillner, Stockholm, Sweden

§ Marc Jeannerod, Bron/Paris, France

§ Gregor Schöner, Bochum, Germany

§ Heinz Ulbrich, Munich, Germany


We invite movement researchers from diverse areas such as Biology,
Psychology, Sport Sciences, Neuroscience, Biomechanics and Robotics to
contribute. Contributions consist of submissions for posters, and
mini-symposia. Abstracts of posters should be submitted electronically
via the workshop website. They should not exceed 400 words, and should
include the title of the presentation, keyword, author(s), author
affiliations, email address, telephone and fax numbers. Until Dec 20th,
2004 there will still be a possibility to edit the text after submission.

Minisymposia will be submitted by a convenor and will include an
abstract of the minisymposium, and the abstracts of the participants to
the minisymposium (with the format indicated above)

All abstracts of accepted contributions and participants' names and
addresses will be published on the internet and will be printed in the
abstract book (Proceedings) of EWOMS 2005. During the workshop, authors
of high quality contributions will be invited to submit an article to a
special issue of Human Movement Science.

We especially encourage researchers and students from the new EU member
states to participate.


Dec 20st, 2004

deadline - submissions of poster and mini-symposia abstracts

Feb 28th, 2005

notification of acceptance of posters / mini-symposia

until Apr 1st, 2005

early registration (reduced price)

from Apr 2nd, 2005

late registration (regular price)

May 10th, 2005

deadline - submissions of full paper (was heist 'full', oder 'final

June 2nd - 4th, 2005



It is hosted by the Workgroup for Movement Science of the Veterinary
University Vienna, and will be situated at the Veterinary University
Vienna, Austria, on June 2-4, 2005. The previous EWOMS meeting was held
in Münster, Germany.


Registration will be soon available online at the Congress website:



Congress travel agency «MONDIAL» will arrange accommodations for
participants preferably in hotels at and around the city center of
Vienna and will also offer various tourist programs. The location of the
workshop may be reached in 15 minutes from the city center by public
transport. More details can be found soon at the official EWOMS website


Walter Herzog

JA Scott Kelso

Christian Peham

Juergen Perl

Wolfgang Schoellhorn

Reza Shadmehr

Willem Verwey

Alan Wing


Christian Peham (Vienna / Austria)

Wolfgang I. Schöllhorn (Münster / Germany)

Willem B. Verwey (Dortmund / Germany)


Veterinärmedizinische Universität Wien

University of Veterinary Medicine Vienna

Arbeitsgruppe für Bewegungsforschung

Workgroup for Movement Science

Department V

Department V

Prof. Dr. DI. C. Peham

Prof. Dr. DI. C. Peham

Veterinärplatz 1

Veterinaerplatz 1

A-1210 Wien

A-1210 Vienna - Austria/Europe

Prof. Dr. DI. Christian Peham

phone: ++43 1 - 25 077 - 5506

fax: ++43 1 - 25 077 - 5590

email: ewoms2005@vu-wien.ac.at


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