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10-28-2004, 02:23 AM
This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

Young-Hui Chang
School of Applied Physiology
Georgia Institute of Technology
***NOTE***: Articles with no volume, issue or page numbers indicate
that the article has not been published in paper form yet, but may be
available in electronic form through the publisher.


Schneider, P., J. Biko, C. Reiners, Y. E. Demidchik, V. M. Drozd, R.
F. Capozza, G. R. Cointry and J. L. Ferretti (2004). "Impact of
parathyroid status and Ca and vitamin-D supplementation on bone mass
and muscle-bone relationships in 208 Belarussian children after
thyroidectomy because of thyroid carcinoma." Experimental and
Clinical Endocrinology & Diabetes 112(8): 444-450.

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and mineralization by calcifying vascular cells." Journal of
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element models to be used in clinical studies." Journal of
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