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10-29-2004, 12:10 AM
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In spite of the weak potential of spontaneous repairing of cartilaginous
tissues, it is possible to initiate, in vivo as well as in vitro, mesenchymal
tissue regeneration, involving progenitor cells. This process recapitulate some
cellular event of embryonic skeletal formation. The material properties of
multiponent mesenchymal tissue change during the differentiation process
associated with skeletal regeneration. [Loboa E.G. et al., 2003] have developed
a mathematical approach for describing time dependent material property changes
during the formation of cartilage, fibrocartilage and fibrous tissue.
Mechanical properties of articular cartilage, fibrocartilage and fibrous
tissues can be found in the literature but I donít have information about the
mechanical properties of multiponent mesenchymal tissue. I donít find
experimental studies which determined values for differentiating multipotent
mesenchymal tissue.

I'd appreciate your suggestions and will post a summary of replies in due

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