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11-02-2004, 12:58 AM
Dear Colleagues,

We are trying to locate Malcolm Granat, of Biomedical Monitoring. Repeated
e-mails, calls, and faxes have been unsuccessful in contacting him.

We have the following information on file:
E-mail: malcolm.granat@gcal.ac.uk
E-mail: m.h.granat@strath.ac.uk
E-mail: sales@biomedical-monitoring.com
Phone: (011) 44-141-552-2840

If anybody has more updated information, we would appreciate your


Shaw Bronner

Shaw Bronner PT, MHS, EdM, OCS
ADAM Center at Long Island University
122 Ashland Place #1A
Brooklyn, NY 11201
phone: 718-246-6377
fax: 718-246-6383
E-mail: sbronner@liu.edu

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