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11-06-2004, 01:22 AM
Can anyone provide information/references regarding the relationship between forward COP velocity in gait and COM forward progression velocity. The question I am trying to answer: Do changes in forward COP velocity correlate to changes in forward velocity of the body's COM? Intuitively, there would seem to be many instances with abnormal gait in which the body's COM forward translation would not be in sync with the forward progression of the COP. Since it appears that the forward shift of the COP, (Lee & Farley J of Exp Bio, 1998), assists in the lowering of the vertical COM trajectory, (thus lowering the mechanical energy requirement),can the COP's forward velocity be in indicator of efficiency? Han, Paik and Im, (Gait and Posture 1999), found that velocities of the COP during each functional rocker were fairly even and given that sagittal progression of the body's COM is remarkably consistent in normal gait; would a change in forward velocity of the COP ultimately reflect a
compensatory pattern, (varying patterns of motion of body segments) that is less than efficient?

Thanks so much
Steve Laslovich, P.T., CPed

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