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M Saiful Huq
11-08-2004, 11:06 PM
Hi all,

Please can anyone help me with the following papers:

1. Alexander, R. McN. and Vernon, A. (1975) "The dimensions of knee and
ankle muscles and the forces they exert". J. Human Movement Stud. 1, 115-123

2. Crago, P. E., P. H. Peckham, J. T. Mortimer, and J. P. Van Der Meulen
"The choice of pulse duration for chronic electrical stimulation via
surface, nerve, and intramuscular Electrodes" Ann. Biomed. Eng. 2:252264,



M Saiful Huq
Research Student
Department of Automatic Control and Systems Engineering
University of Sheffield
Mapin Street
Sheffield S1 3JD

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