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Chris Ingersoll
09-14-1993, 09:40 AM
Dear Biomech-l'ers:

Late in August, I requested information regarding force values
(or estimates) for each of the quadriceps muscles. I got a number of
responses to my request. Most of them were requests to share the
information I received.

Anyway, here's what I received. I haven't read all of them. I had
to send away for some, but wanted to share the responses I received
before the topic was totally forgotten.

Gary Kamen recommended the following:

Basmajian JV et al. Anat Rec 172:15-20, 1971
Arsenault AB & Chapman AE. Physiotherapy Canada 26(5):253-262,
Andres TL. Am Corr Ther J 31:49-51, 1977
Andres TL. Am Corr Ther J 33:111-114, 1979

Bob Marshall suggested:

McNair et al. Quadriceps strength deficit associated with rectus
femoris rupture: a case study. Clinical Biomechanics 6:190-
192, 1991

Ted Worrell recommended:

van Kampen A, Huiskes R. The three-dimensional tracking pattern
of the human patella. J Orthop Res 8(3):372-382, 1990

I am still interested if there are more suggestions.... -cdi

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