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Christine Boyda
11-10-2004, 02:51 AM
I am a graduate student at Marquette University desinging my
thesis project to compare the Otto Bock 3R80 knee unit and the Total
Knee by Ossur. I will be looking at the hip moments for stance
stability and swing initiation for these two devices. I am trying to
conduct a power analysis to determine the number of subjects I will
need, and am having trouble finding data, specifically for the Total
Knee. I have one study with 7 subjects that has data for the 3R80 knee,
though the data is only presented graphically and is not tabulated. For
the total knee I have only been able to find 1 study with data, and
this study has 1 subject and does not present hip moment data. I have
also found a few other studies with similar types of knees. Below is a
list of the references I have found for this topic. If anyone has any
data or references that might contain data for the hip moment for
either of these devices, I would greatly appreciate your passing it
along to me.
Chrissy Boyda

Blumentritt, et al. Transfemoral Amputees Walking on a Rotary Hydraulic
Prosthetic Knee Mechanism: A Preliminary Report, JPO, 1998, Vol. 10,
Num.3, p 61

Sutherland, et al. Case Study Forum: Gait Comparison of Two Prosthetic
Knee Units, JPO, 1997, Vol. 9, num 4, p 168

Czerniecki and Gitter, Inisghts Into Amputee Running, 1992, American
Journal of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, vol. 71, num. 4

Seroussi, et al. Mechanica Work Adaptations of Above Knee Amputee
Ambulation, Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, vol. 77,

Winter, Overall Principle of Lower Limb Support During Stance Phase of
Gait, Journal of Biomechanics, vol. 13, p 923, 1980

Ishai, and Bar, Evaluation of AK Prostheses Comparing Conventional with
Adaptive Knee Control Devices, Journal of Biomedical Engineering, 1984,
vol 6, p. 27

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