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11-11-2004, 04:44 AM
This week's literature search for biomech* or locomot*.

Young-Hui Chang
School of Applied Physiology
Georgia Institute of Technology
***ISSUE ALERT***: The following journals had several hits this week
on topics ranging from arthropod biomechanics to knee surgeries:

Arthropod Structure & Development 33(3)
Knee Surgery Sports Traumatology Arthroscopy 12(5)


Haleem, A. A., M. S. Rouse, D. G. Lewallen, A. D. Hanssen, J. M.
Steckelberg and R. Patel (2004). "Gentamicin and vancomycin do not
impair experimental fracture healing." Clinical Orthopaedics and
Related Research(427): 22-24.

Keller, J. C., M. Stewart, M. Roehm and G. B. Schneider (2004).
"Osteoporosis-like bone conditions affect osseointegration of
implants." International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants
19(5): 687-694.

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biophysical principles in extracorporal bone tissue engineering -
Part III." International Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery
33(7): 635-641.


Niizeki, K. "Intramuscular pressure-induced inhibition of cardiac
contraction:Implications for cardiac-locomotor synchronization."
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory Integrative and Comparative


Klopocka, W. and M. J. Redowicz (2004). "Rho/Rho-dependent kinase
affects locomotion and actin-myosin II activity of Amoeba proteus."
Protoplasma 224(1-2): 113-121.

Dallon, J. C. and H. G. Othmer (2004). "How cellular movement
determines the collective force generated by the Dictyostelium
discoideum slug." Journal of Theoretical Biology 231(2): 203-222.


Ayers, J. (2004). "Underwater walking." Arthropod Structure &
Development 33(3): 347-360.

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optimal and suboptimal thermal conditions in the butterfly Pararge
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of hexapod locomotion: linking biology and technical application."
Arthropod Structure & Development 33(3): 237-250.

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insect walking." Arthropod Structure & Development 33(3): 287-300.

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organisation, frictional surfaces, and inverse-kinematic model of leg
movements." Arthropod Structure & Development 33(3): 201-220.

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turacos and the hoatzin in relation to food acquisition and
processing." Ostrich 74(1-2): 48-57.

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kinematic control and aerodynamics of oscillating wings." Arthropod
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vertebrates and robots." Arthropod Structure & Development 33(3):

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stability of insect locomotion: a hexapedal model for horizontal
plane motions." Biological Cybernetics 91(2): 76-90.

Weissengruber, G. E. and G. Forstenpointner (2004). "Musculature of
the crus and pes of the African elephant (Loxodonta africana):
insight into semiplantigrade limb architecture." Anatomy and
Embryology 208(6): 451-461.

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control of posture and locomotion." Arthropod Structure & Development
33(3): 273-286.


Ausiello, P., S. Rengo, C. L. Davidson and D. C. Watts (2004).
"Stress distributions in adhesively cemented ceramic and
resin-composite Class II inlay restorations: a 3D-FEA study." Dental
Materials 20(9): 862-872.

Ellingsen, J. E., C. B. Johansson, A. Wennerberg and A. Holmen
(2004). "Improved retention and bone-to-implant contact with
fluoride-modified titanium implants." International Journal of Oral &
Maxillofacial Implants 19(5): 659-666.

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superelastic Ni-Ti orthodontic wire as a function of cross-sectional
dimension." Angle Orthodontist 74(5): 691-696.

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bone defect utilizing lingual periosteal release: A case report."
International Journal of Oral & Maxillofacial Implants 19(5): 753-757.

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on the center of pressure trajectory during gait initiation in older
adults." Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation 85(10):

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individuals with poststroke hemiplegia." Journal of Rehabilitation
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arm and leg swing during walking." Biological Cybernetics 91(2):

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in children with cerebral palsy." Developmental Medicine and Child
Neurology 46(10): 674-680.

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to modulate the propulsive forces during gait initiation in lower
limb amputees." Experimental Brain Research 158(3): 356-365.

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biomechanical and clinical deductions." Surgical and Radiologic
Anatomy 26(5): 399-410.


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(2004). "Biomechanic changes in passive properties of hemiplegic
ankles with spastic hypertonia." Archives of Physical Medicine and
Rehabilitation 85(10): 1638-1646.


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Biomechanics." British Journal of Ophthalmology 88(11): 1403-1408.

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reflex responses to sural nerve stimulation." Experimental Brain
Research 158(4): 450-464.

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pointing." Neuroscience Letters 369(2): 93-98.

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