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Matt Kuklis
11-19-2004, 12:35 AM

Is anyone aware of and/or can anyone supply me with any anthropometric
databases/studies which allow the reviewer to tease out anthropometric
data (especially stature and weight; but segment lengths/weights are also
of importance) based on age? Normal, civilian population would be a plus.

We have reviewed some of the NHANES data which breaks down height/weight
for various age groups, but this is the only data set that I have found,
and it does not include body segment lengths/weights. The Air Force's
CAESAR database is a good reference for body segment lengths, but using
only the summary report, we cannot break the data down into age groups.

If anyone has any information or could supply references, I would be very

A summary of responses will be posted. Please indicate if you would like
your name removed from the summary posting.

Thank you for any information.

Matt Kuklis
Biomechanical Engineer
Hill-Rom Co., Inc
Batesville, IN

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