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Matt Kuklis
11-22-2004, 01:37 AM
Thank you very much to everyone that provided feedback to my question. I
received some very good input and am very appreciative. My original
message is just below, followed by a list of responses.

Thank you,

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Is anyone aware of and/or can anyone supply me with any anthropometric
databases/studies which allow the reviewer to tease out anthropometric
data (especially stature and weight; but segment lengths/weights are also
of importance) based on age? Normal, civilian population would be a plus.

We have reviewed some of the NHANES data which breaks down height/weight
for various age groups, but this is the only data set that I have found,
and it does not include body segment lengths/weights. The Air Force's
CAESAR database is a good reference for body segment lengths, but using
only the summary report, we cannot break the data down into age groups.

If anyone has any information or could supply references, I would be very

A summary of responses will be posted. Please indicate if you would like
your name removed from the summary posting.

Thank you for any information.

Matt Kuklis
Biomechanical Engineer
Hill-Rom Co., Inc
Batesville, IN


--------------------------LIST OF RESONSES-----------------------------


I have a pediatric reference that includes values based on age for many
anthropometric measures. It does include to age 18 years and includes up
the 95th percentile for most measures. The book is Measurement in
Exercise Science by David Docherty (1996) published by Human Kinetics. The
ISBN number is 0-87322-960-6. I hope this is helpful.

Therese Johnston, MSPT



I used a book called* Bodyspace: Anthropometry, Ergonomics and the
Design of the Work, Second Edition*
by Stephen Pheasant

It's been a while but as I recall it had inertial and geometric
properties for different body segments. I was using it to make rigid
link models of the human body and it gave me all the info I needed. I
seem to recall that properties were given as a fraction of body

John Finan


Several respondents pointed me in the direction of a series of books which

contain a variety of anthropometric information on adults, older adults,
and children. The publications - Childata, Adultdata, and Older Adultdata
are from the Department of Trade and Industry in the UK and are available



Hi Matt
For info on kids there is a book published by Raven Press (N.Y.) called
Standards in Pediatric Orthopedics: tables, charts and graphs illustrating
growth. Ed: Robert N. Hensinger, 1986.
It summarizes a plethora of study results. I know it definitely has
and weight info, as well as torso (spine) heights, but can't remember if
has segment info as well (likely though).
Best of luck!

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