View Full Version : Kinetic CoM Calculation

Katrina Mcdonald
11-24-2004, 10:07 AM
Hello All,

I am trying to calculate the centre of mass of sprinters
running over the first two steps after exiting the blocks. I
am using kinetic data from 2 force plates, having only
obtained force, moment and centre of pressure data collected
at 990Hz. I have calculated the centre of mass using the
kinetic double integration method considering the initial
velocity and initial displacement to be zero. I used this
method as it was described in the biomch L archives: Chris
Kirtley’s - CoM from force plate: Summary of responses. The
results I obtained seem unrealistic and I am having trouble
interpreting them. I would very much appreciate any help
with a correct method to use, how to calculate the
integration constants (if they should be non-zero) and any
information on what to expect or how to interpret them.
Thanks for any help.

Katrina McDonald