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11-30-2004, 01:17 AM
Dear all,

In june 2002, we put a quite large dataset publicely available from:


It include full CT dataset, 3D models, finite elements, motion data and simulation files of the two
lower limbs of the same specimen that have been collected during the VAKHUM project.

We know from the website counter that people (mainly from our biomechanical community) access the
page and downloaded the data.

Unfortunately, we received only very little feedback.

Because I'm in the process to try to find fundings to continue that kind of work (that is
continuing, to put even more data publicly available) I'd like to collect a maximum of feedback
from the "Vakhum users".

What I need is very short (at least, if you use the Vakhum data):
- a one- or two-page description of your research (that used the above data), including:
--- aims
--- summary of your methods
--- some results (if possible with an image of the data)
- an agreement to distribute the material you sent to thirds (i.e., internal reports and research
proposal; your name and department name will be of course indicated in such distribution).

So, if you were happy with the data, and you would like even more data in the future, could you
please send me the above feedback ? This is the only way to show people that such efforts is
useful, and try to convince them to support it.

Thank you in advance !!



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