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Jon Spriggs
11-30-2004, 11:37 PM
Hello All

We are using a Vicon MX system in conjunction with an ASL Gaze tracking
system to capture both kinematics and eye movement data.

Anyways, our problem is this: The gaze tracker etc is working fine when used
on its own, calibration etc isn't a problem, however once the Vicon
cameras are on we appear to obtain multiple bright spots on the eye which
clearly is affecting subsequent operation of the gaze tracker -it appears
that the gaze tracker in picking up multiple light sources from the cameras.
This source seems to be from the cameras themselves and not the green leds
since these have been masked over. I wonder if anyone has encountered this
problem before, and if so do you have any suggestions on how to alleviate
this. Obviously we are trying moving cameras positions etc, but for
a number of our studies, this really isn't an option since we start to get
marker occlusion. We have tried various options in the
Workstation software such as lowering strobe intensities etc..but the
problem persists.

The problem didn't appear to be there with our old 500 Vicon system..but
maybe this
was due to the relatively small number of cameras used rather than the IR

It may well be that the two systems are not compatible due to this...I'm
hoping this isn't the case!!

Any suggestion are gratefully received.


Jon Spriggs


University Of Birmingham

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