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Biomch-l Moderator
12-03-2004, 01:06 AM
Papers are invited for the Annual International
Society for Occupational Ergonomics & Safety (ISOES)
conference. The conference will be held on June 27-
29, 2005 at Flamingo Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.
For more detailed information regarding the
conference, please visit www.isoes.info.

Additionally, papers are invited for the International
Symposium on Slips, Trips and Falls sponsored by
International Society for Occupational Ergonomics &
Safety (ISOES). The objective of this symposium is
to provide an international forum to exchange
information about recent advances in test methods, and
findings on the causes of and prevention of fall

In order to participate in the conference, all
prospective authors/presenters must submit a brief
abstract to the special session chair by January 7,
2005. A separate page should identify the author(s)
name(s), affiliation(s), address(es), phone, fax, and
email address. Author(s) will be notified by January
24, 2005 regarding the acceptability of the papers for
the conference presentation. Papers for conference
proceedings are due on March 25, 2005. For further
information contact the program chair at

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