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Shannon Reed
12-08-2004, 06:06 AM

I am a Masters student in Mechanical Engineering at the University of
British Columbia, Canada. I am currently working towards developing a
physical model of the human spinal cord. I am looking for an elastomer
similar to a plumbing silicone but more flexible. I have a compiled an
array of mechanical properties which are provided below. I am posting these
to BIOMCH-L in hopes that someone might know of a material which closely
matches these performance requirements. Any hints or recommendations would
be very much appreciated.

Thank you for your assistance,

Shannon Reed

Masters Student

Injury Biomechanics Lab

Department of Mechanical Engineering

University of British Columbia

Phone (604) 822-2648

Fax (604) 822-2403


Performance Requirements

* Poisson's Ratio = 0.4 to 0.5
* Elastic Modulus = 0 to 2 MPa
* Tear strength - greater than 20 kN/m

* The tear strength is determined by applying a tensile load to a
specimen that has a notch cut in it. The tear strength is calculated as the
load necessary to tear the specimen divided by its thickness (N/m).

* Stress decay:

* With 5% tensile strain applied to a specimen at a quasistatic strain
rate, the stress decay over thirty seconds is approximately 5%.

* Viscoelastic material:

* A material which has a linear stress-strain response with applied
load until it begins to fail. While the load is gradually removed, the
hysteresis is approximately 82%.

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