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12-14-2004, 07:53 AM
Dear Colleagues,

I will soon be doing a research project on asymmetrical forces production during swimming starts. Essentially I need to measure 3D forces (forward/backward, upward/downward, left/right) as functions of time on each hand and each foot separately. Actually, my kinematic analysis will probably be restricted to the sagittal plane, so I may not be using the left/right mediolateral forces. I am building a special swimming starting block that has two AMTI force plates to measure forces from the feet but have yet to finalize plans for the hand force transducers. I am trying to decide between applying sets of strain gauges to two metal bars (one for each hand) vs. attaching triaxial load cells to the hand bars (I assume I'll need 2 per hand bar).

Has anyone else on the list had experience between these two technologies (applying strain gauges vs. using pre-built load cells) that they would care to share? I believe load cells will be much more expensive than strain gauges (and possibly beyond my budget for this project). I need to know how accurate and how expensive each option will be. I'd also appreciate hearing about what components I might need to purchase. Currently I have the two AMTI force platforms and their amps, but will need to buy all components for the hand force measurement (including the amps).

Thanks in advance for your comments.



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