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Guy Simoneau
09-21-1993, 03:34 AM
Dear Biomch-l members,
we are currently working on developing a 3-D link segment model
for the upper extremities and trunk to be used with our VICON
5-camera system. We are currently debating in regard to the best
marker locations to get the 3-D kinematic of the trunk and segments
of the upper extremities.
We were hoping that someone who has done work with upper extremity (or
full body) kinematics could give us some insights in this area.
Are there also key publications in this area that may help guide
our efforts?
I would appreciate any comments, information, words of wisdom or list
of references pertaining to this issue. I will be glad to post the
information that I receive.
Please reply to

Guy Simoneau, Ph.D., P.T.
Assistant Professor in Physical Therapy, Marquette University
e-mail address: simoneaug@vmsf.csd.mu.edu

Room 346 Walter Schroeder Complex
Milwaukee, WI 53233
Thank you in advance,