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01-08-2005, 01:24 AM

Applications are invited for a Post Doctoral Researcher with up to four
years of funding in the Motor Control Laboratory of the Physical Therapy
Department and Biomechanics and Movement Science Program, University of
Delaware, Newark, DE, USA.

The successful applicant will be expected to have experience and
research interests in areas relevant to a National Institutes of Health
supported project entitled "Coordination of reaching in healthy adults
and stroke ". He or she will be involved in all aspects of the project,
and will work in close collaboration with the Principal Investigator Dr.
John Scholz and his collaborators.

Kinematic, kinetic and EMG measures of movement performance will be used
to explore the predictions of recent simulations of a three level model
of motor control and to address related issues of coordination of
reaching and other upper extremity tasks in healthy adults and
individuals with a stoke at various stages of functional recovery.

We are seeking an individual with prior doctoral training in motor
control, neurophysiology, cognitive neuroscience or related areas who
have experience working with patients with neurological dysfunction.
Preference will be given, but not limited to individuals who have
additional training as a physical or occupational therapist. The ability
to program, mathematical/computational experience (especially in time
series and signal processing,) and prior experience with motion analysis
and electromyography would be a highly advantageous.

This is a full-time fixed-term appointment. The starting salary will be
$32,000 per year with additional fringe benefits. Starting date is
February 1, 2005 or as early as possible thereafter.

Inquiries should be directed to John Scholz at 302-831-6281 or
jpscholz@udel.edu and applications should be sent to the same email
address or by regular mail to John P. Scholz, PhD, PT, Department of
Physical Therapy, University of Delaware, 307 McKinly Laboratory,
Newark, DE 19716.

Applications from qualified minority and women candidates are encouraged.

John P. Scholz, PhD, PT
Associate Professor of Physical Therapy
Secretary, International Society of Motor Control (I-S-M-C.org)
307 McKinly Laboratory
University of Delaware
Newark, DE 19716
Ph: 302-831-6281
Fax: 302-831-4234
web page: www.udel.edu/PT/scholz/main.html

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