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Jaekun Shim
01-12-2005, 11:45 AM
Graduate Study in Biomechanics and Motor Control at University of Maryland

I am starting a faculty position in the Department of Kinesiology at
University of Maryland on April 1 and looking for a highly motivated
Master's or Ph.D. student interested in hand and finger biomechanics and
motor control. The student will be supported by a research assistantship
(approximately $12,800 for 9.5 months which also includes tuition remission
and health insurance) for the first year and by research/teaching
assistantship for the following years. The applications are for the Fall
semester of 2005.


The research program is aimed at understanding of the hand biomechanics and
finger coordination/control in prehension and pressing tasks involving
several digits, force sharing among fingers as a model of the redundancy
problem, biomechanics and control of manipulation in elderly and in patients
with central and peripheral motor disorders. The biomechanical aspects of
motor control problems especially manipulation of the hand-held objects and
multi-digit pressing will be analyzed. This direction of research combines
biomechanics, motor control, robotics, and clinical disciplines. In addition
to the existing superb experimental settings, the lab will be equipped with
7-camera Motion Analysis system, 6-component miniature force/moment sensors,
miniature force sensors, 16-channel EMG system, accelerometers, etc. For
details on current research and publications, please refer to the following
web page:


A student will develop a coherent area of expertise in human movement
science by designing an academic program that includes introductory and
advanced graduate courses such as Advanced Motor Development, Biomechanics
Theory, Biophysical Aspects of Human Movement, Computational Motor
Neuroscience, Development of Posture and Locomotion, Dynamical Systems
Approach to Motor Behavior, Independent Studies Seminar, Methods and
Techniques of Research, Motor Control Theory I, Motor Control Theory II,
Kinematic and Kinetic Analysis of Human Motion, Movement Disorders,
Multisensory Perception and Human Motor Control, Muscular Aspects of
Exercise Physiology, Neural Basis of Human Movement, Kinematic Analysis of
Human Motion, Physiological Signal Processing: Digital Principles,
Psychobiological Foundations of Skilled Motor Control, Quantitative Methods,
Research Issues in Kinesiology, Research Seminar in Motor Development,
Seminar in Motor Learning and performance, Visuomotor Coordination Across
the Lifespan, etc.

For detailed information about courses, please refer to

For degree requirements, please refer to the following web pages:
* For Master's degree:
* For PhD degree: http://www.hhp.umd.edu/KNES/academics/grad/phd_degree.html


Applications for admission should be received by February 1 for
international students and March 1 for domestic (U.S.) students. The
following criteria will be considered for admission:
* Master's degree: GPA (3.0 or higher in undergraduate), GRE scores (verbal,
quantitative, and analytical), Essay (goal statements, research interests,
and background); For details, please refer to
* PhD degree: GPA (3.5 or higher for in graduate), GRE scores
(verbal,quantitative, and analytical), General prerequisites; For details,
please refer to http://www.hhp.umd.edu/KNES/academics/grad/phd_admiss.html

The main considerations for admission are: (a) the course background of the
student (science courses, including Physics, Mechanics, Mathematics,
Computer Science, Anatomy, Physiology, etc.); (b) the student's GRE
quantitative score preferably in the 700's, and (c) the student's record of
interest and academic performance in the biomechanics of human movement.
LabView and MatLab, as well as experience in biomechanical and
neurophysiological measurements (e.g motion analysis, EMG, etc.) and
background in the control of human motion would be advantageous. Students
from the engineering and biological sciences are encouraged to apply.
International students are required to demonstrate proficiency in English

The following web pages may be explored for more information:
Department of Kinesiology: http://www.hhp.umd.edu/KNES/
Graduate School: http://www.gradschool.umd.edu/catalog/admission.html

Candidates should EMAIL a letter of interest to:

Jae Kun Shim
E-mail (preferred): jus149@psu.edu
Phone: 814)863-4424, 814)865-3445
The Pennsylvania State University
Biomechanics Laboratory (Rec. Bldg. 39) or Motor Control Laboratory
(Rec. Bldg. 20)
University Park, PA 16802

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