View Full Version : about data of cervical spines

Fei Liu(david)
01-16-2005, 06:34 AM
Dear all,

My research project is related to cervical spines. I am interested in
kinetic data about normal, degenerate and fused cervical spines, such as
forces and torques on intervertebral discs and facets during in vivo
flexion and extension of normal, degenerate and fuse cervical spines. I
don't find lots of journal articles about these problems. Would you
please give me some suggestions who are doing this kind of researches
and where I can find some experimental data or data from mathematical

On the other hand, I found many journal articles talking about
mechanical properties of ligaments of cervical spines. However, few of
them discuss properties of muscles around cervical spine. Dose anyone
have journal articles about them?


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