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Auke Ijspeert
01-18-2005, 11:09 PM
Dear Biomch-L subscribers,

Researchers working on any aspect related to the adaptive control of
movement and locomotion in animals and robots, might be interested in
AMAM2005, the Third International Symposium on Adaptive Motion in
Animals and Machines (see the CFP below). The two previous symposia in
Montreal and Kyoto, which brought together researchers in neurobiology,
biomechanics, neural computation, and robotics, were very exciting and
fruitful events.

Best regards,

Auke Ijspeert

****************Announcement and First Call for Papers****************

3rd International Symposium on Adaptive Motion in Animals and Machines
AMAM 2005

will take place at

Technische Universitšt Ilmenau, Germany, September 25th - September
30th, 2005.

Deadline for abstract submission: February 28^th , 2005.

Please find details and the first Call for Papers at:

On behalf of the International Organizing Committee under the guidance
of Prof. Kazuo Tsuchiya (Kyoto, Japan), it is our pleasure to cordially
invite you to take part in this symposium.

It is our dream to understand principles of animals' surprising
abilities in adaptive motion and to transfer such abilities on a robot.
However, principles of adaptation to various environments have not yet
been clarified, and autonomous adaptation is left unsolved as a
seriously difficult problem in robotics. Apparently, the adaptation
ability shown by animals and needed by robots in a real world can not be
explained or realized by one single function in the control system. That
is, adaptation is induced at multiple levels in a wide spectrum from the
central neural system to the musculo-skeletal system.

We are organizing AMAM 2005 for scientists and engineers concerned with
adaptation on various levels to be brought in contact, to discuss
principles on each level and to investigate principles governing total

Some topics of particular interest to guide prospective contributors are:

* Visual Adaptation Mechanisms of Systems in Locomotion
* Sensory-Motor Coordination in Locomotion
* Neuro-Mechanics
* Locomotion of Animals
* Behaviour (Locomotion and Idiomotion) of Mammals, esp. Primates,
esp. Humans and Humanoids
* Embodied Intelligence in Locomotion
* Non-linear Dynamics in Locomotion
* Adaptive Mechanics
* Modeling and Analysis of Motion
* Prostheses, Ortheses and Rehabilitation
* Evolution of Adaptive Motion (Phylogenesis)
* Ontogenesis of Adaptive Motion (from Learning to De-learning,
Development and Ageing)
* Technical Development of Mechanism and Control for Adaptive Motion

Prof. H. Kimura, Tokyo (Japan)
Prof. A.J. Ijspeert, Lausanne (Switzerland)
Prof. Hartmut Witte, Ilmenau (Germany)

************************************************** *************************************************

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