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01-19-2005, 03:13 AM
Hi all,

Way back in 1996, on Thu, 28 Nov Brett McGuinness sent
email to BIOMCH-L as well responses recd.

However I will be glad to receive updated info. on same subject
if possible. Brett McGuinness email is pasted below to my email

Thanking all in advance.


Mr.Rabinder Sahni
Prosthetics R&D, Designer lower limbs, Self user
Hi all,
> I am presently preparing a discussion of the evolution of lower limb
> prosthetics as an aid to athletic participation. Although I am able
> to get information on individual models, I am wondering if there has
> ever been a study that has compared the effectiveness and efficiency of
> several models on the market. My focus is on running, however any
> diversified information such as skiing, skating or jumping would be
> appreciated.

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