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01-19-2005, 01:23 PM
>Dear Colleagues,
>I would like to draw your attention to a symposium entitled
>'The Anatomy of Exercise' that I am organising under the auspices
>of the Anatomical Society of Great Britain and Ireland in conjunction
>with its summer meeting from July 5-7 2005 at Cardiff University.
>Details are available on the Society's webpage http://www.anatsoc.org.uk/
>and are also pasted below.
>The Society welcomes free communications (10 min talks or posters) from
>non-members on topics related to the theme of the meeting.
>Best Wishes
>Mike Benjamin
__________________________________________________ _________________

> The Anatomical Society
>Summer Meeting, University of Cardiff, 5th-7th July 2005
>Symposium - The Anatomy of Exercise.This symposium is being organised by
>Professor Mike Benjamin, and will deal with the adaptation of
>musculoskeletal tissues to exercise and other mechanical stiimuli. It will
>include the importance of nutrition, strategies for improving locomotion
>and performance, and the nature of exercise related injuries.
>There will also be the possibility of submitting abstracts, either related
>to the symposium or on other branches of the anatomical sciences, for
>communication as either posters or 10 minute talks.
>Speakers confirmed so far include:
> >Dr Andy Pitsillides (Royal Veterinary College, London. UK) Early effects
>of embryonic movement: a shot out of the dark'
> >Professor Dr Michael Kjaer (Bispebjerg Hospital, Copenhagen, Denmark)
>Extracellular matrix adaptation of tendons and ligaments to exercise'
> >Professor Thomas Best (University of Wisconsin, USA) The myotendinous
>junction: acute changes and adaptation to stretch injury.
> >Professor Elwyn Firth (Massey University, New Zealand) The response of
>bone, cartilage and tendon to exercise in the horse.
> >Prof. Dr. med. Felix Eckstein (Paracelsus Private Medical University
>Salzburg, Austria) The effects of exercise on human articular cartilage
> >Professor Michael J Rennie (University of Nottingham, UK) How nutrition
>and exercise maintain the human musculoskeletal mass.
> >Professor Alberto Minetti (Manchester Metropolitan University, UK) Making
>muscle work more economically/efficiently: internal and external
>strategies to overcome physiological and anatomical limitations of human
> >Professor Christer Rolf (Sheffield University, UK) Clinical aspects of
>tendon injuries and disorders among athletes
> >Professor Michael Benjamin (Cardiff University, UK) Where tendons and
>ligaments meet bone - an anatomical and pathological perspective of
>attachment sites ("entheses") in relation to exercise and sport
>Further information
>Details of the meeting, including registration forms and the how to submit
>abstracts, will be available on this web site in late March and circulated
>to members of the Anatomical Society.
>In the meantime enquiries may be directed to the Programme Secretary,
>Professor Jonathan Bennett (jonathan.bennett@hyms.ac.uk) or to the local
>organiser, Dr Rob Santer (santer@cardiff.ac.uk).

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