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01-24-2005, 08:39 AM
Dear Colleagues,

In cricket is a "bowling" or a "throwing" technique least likely to cause injury to a bowler (assuming that we can really tell the difference with absolute certainty)?

Is there such a syndrome known as "bowler's arm" (or conversely is there a syndrome known as "thrower's arm")?

Also is bowling "ergonomic" in fact - is it more or less tiring than throwing? If is more tiring does the amount of tiredness depend on the degree of "awkwardness" of the arm posture? Codes of practice on the prevention of overuse injuries inveigh against "awkward postures" so (if it does) one might question whether bowling is in fact legal in non-amateur cricket.

I hope I am not be thought to be too immodest when I mention that when bowling for a school team I once took three wickets in one over before the umpire decided that I must be throwing. Since nobody had complained when my earlier bowling attempts had failed to achieve anything remarkable I felt there might be a little subjectivity or bias in the decision (just think about it; but for that trauma I might have eventually have become a bowler for England!). This was at a school that took that sort of thing very seriously (one of the proudest grammar schools in England - Plympton Grammar School in Devon). Is it possible that perceptions of what is "unacceptable" in this area tend to be influenced by a concern over the bowler's results? Retrospective analysis of umpiring decisions might prove interesting - has anyone done this?


David McFarlane.

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