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Liz Tanner
01-25-2005, 11:34 PM
European Society for Biomaterials combined session with European
Society of Biomechanics

At the European Society for Biomaterials Conference 11-15 September
2005 in Sorrento Italy there will be combined sessions with the
European Society of Biomechanics. Abstracts should be submitted in the
normal manner (instructions at www.esb2005.it) noting that the abstract
is for the combined ESB sessions. Thus please use "biomechancs" as the
FIRST KEYWORD when submitting your abstract. The aims of these sessions
include to cover the interface between biomaterials and biomechanics
including the novel biomechanical use of biomaterials and biomaterials
for biomechanical applications. Abstract deadline is 31 January 2005

As this is part of the joint activities between the two ESBs, members
of European Society of Biomechanics who submit to these sessions will
be able to register for the conference at the members rate.

Liz Tanner and Damien Lacroix
============================= ========================
Professor Elizabeth Tanner Dr Damien Lacroix
Department of Materials, CREB
Queen Mary University of London University Polytechnica de Catalunya
Mile End Road, London, E1 4NS, UK Ave Diagonal, Barcelona, Spain
============================= ========================

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