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Mahsa Hassani Afshar
01-26-2005, 09:15 PM
Hi all,

I think it?s better if I describe a little bit about my project.

I?m going to have a look at the effect of foot orthotics on patellofemoral
pain patients. I hope to use the rsscan system to examine foot functioning
(forefoot, midfoot and rear foot inv/eversion or pronation/supination).
I hope then to relate the foot functioning to tibia/femur kinematics and
possibly to EMG in order to examine why these individuals may have patellafemoral
pain and then to what effect orthotic wear has on them.

Presently I have to find out about foot functioning with and without orthotics.
Unfortunately I haven?t found any literature that shows foot functioning
assessment with pressure plates (rsscan) or insole pressure systems. I have
found lots of literatures that have used markers for this assessment (relation
between the tibia and foot movements). However, I hope to use an insole
pressure system as it is unreasonable to measure foot functioning with a
motion analysis system when wearing shoes. I was wondering if you are aware
of any literature that has examined foot functioning using either a pressure
plate or insole pressure system. I realise that rsscan can give a measure
of inv/ever and pronation /supination, but do you know if these measures
have ever been evaluated against a more accepted measure (foot kinematics
from a motion analysis system). Any help you may be able to offer would
be most appreciated.

Mahsa Hassani Afshar
Postgraduate Student
Centre for Sport Science and Health
Dublin City University
Tel: 01 7008470
Fax: 01 7008888

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