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Kurt L. Yazici
01-27-2005, 10:00 AM

We are trying to use Labview to read a serial port of a PC (COM 1)
connected to a Chatillon CSD-200 Dynamometer. We have little to no
experience reading serial ports and were hoping some of you may have
simple Labview VI's that you could share.

The data transmission part of the instrument manual is pretty sparse but
we can set the baud rate of the device between 200 and 19200, data stop
bits are programmable to 7-2 or 8-1, and either with or without parity.

What we are not sure of is do we need more information to communicate
with the device? Such as flow control : input XON/XOFF, input HW
Handshake, output XON/XOFF, output HW Handshake, output alt HW Handshake,
XOFF byte, XON byte, parity error byte, serial read and write string?

Any help would be greatly appreciated and we will post a summary of our
findings for those interested.


Kurt Yazici

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