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Shim, Jaeho
01-28-2005, 01:22 AM
Dear all,

I am interested in human's perceptual skill of identifying the mass of a
box while it's being lifted by someone else. When observing a lifter
picking up a 20 kg box in point-light display where observers see only
the reflection of the reflective markers on the joints in an otherwise
dark screen (only kinematics is displayed), observers can identify the
mass. Typically, observers made mass estimation either verbally or in
writing. However, I'd like to know how observers respond with action.
I have used a dynamometer that measures leg & back strength. I had
participants observe the lift and then pull on the dynamometer according
to the heaviness of the box. However, because the handles on the
dynamometer do not move, participants feel that they have to pull more
than they should. I can have participants lift boxes of various masses
but they won't be able to lift all the boxes immediately after the
perception of lift and there would be a fatigue factor. Can anyone
think of a good idea of estimating the heaviness of box mass with more
dynamic action rather than static action (pulling on a dynamometer)?

Another favor to ask. I am preparing a one-hour lecture on general
introduction to EMG. Can anyone share some materials (pictures,
powerpoint, word)? I don't need very technical information but
something fairly general about the use of EMG and its application in
rehab. Thanks.

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