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Dai Nishikawa
01-29-2005, 08:53 AM
I have received a number of kind suggestions in reply to my question as
regards motion analysis software programme that can run on my PC. I have
listed the suggested software, most of which are downloadable, below
intending to be a useful source.

"Ehuman" from HMA Technology Inc.
NEAT system
siliconCOACH produces coach based video analysis tools
KA Video www.arielnet.com
Aerial Performance http://www.kavideo.sfsu.edu/
MaxTRAQ (auto-tracker) and MaxMATE (advanced analysis)

I have found Ehuman surprisingly cheap for its functionalities, but it seems
to need reflective markers for tracking and I have no idea how they can be
obtained other than ordering them from US.

Could anyone tell me how they can be obtained or the distributors of such
biomech kits in Australia? (I've got a feeling they are going to be more
expensive than the software)

Dai Nishikawa
Biomechanics Student
The School of Human Movement Studies
The Faculty of Health Science
The University of Queensland

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