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04-05-2005, 12:11 AM
ECM VI / SRN I Spinal Motion Segment: From Basic Science to Clinical
July 4th - 7th, 2005, Congress Centre, Davos, CH

This meeting continues the ECM congress series held in Davos and is the
first meeting of the newly formed AOSpine Research Network (SRN), who
co-host the meeting. A single session will permit in depth
multi-disciplinary set of discussions with clinicians, biologists,
chemists, engineers and materials scientists on latest research and
developments in the field of spine. The intention will be to start the
meeting with an overview of clinical problems, move towards current
research and finish with a summary and the future work to be done. To
maintain our high level of discussion from previous meetings participants
will be limited to a maximum of 180.

Abstract submission for oral presentations May 1st, 2005,
for poster presentations May 10th, 2005
and for paper submission June 10th 2005.

Keynote Speakers
Adams Michael (Bristol, GB) Mechanical influences in disc degeneration
Aebi Max (Bern, CH) The myths and the facts of disc arthroplasty surgery
Andersson Gunnar (Chicago, US) Is the disc a source of back pain?
Battié Michele C.(Edmonton, CA) Determinants of disc degeneration and
pathology: A major paradigm shift.
Bonassar Lawrence (Ithaca, US) Cell-based strategies for intervertebral
disc tissue engineering.
Cheung Kenneth (Hong Kong, CN) The genetics of intervertebral disc
Schizas Constantin (Lausanne, CH) Spinal fusion : techniques and results
Gunzburg Robert (Brussels, BE) Disc prosthesis: surgical approach and its
Hunter Christopher (Calgary, CA) The Notochordal Cell in the Postnatal
Intervertebral Disc
Iatridis James (Burlington, US) Effects of mechanical loading on disc
Kandel Rita (Toronto, CA) Towards a bioengineering a scaffold-free nucleus
Majumdar Sharmila (San Francisco, US) Recent Advances in MRI Markers of
Disc Degeneration
Masuda Koichi (Chicago, US) Growth factors in disc repair
Meisel Hans-Jörg (Halle, DE) Cell therapy for disc repair
Melrose James (Sydney, AU) Investigations using an ovine annular lesion
model of experimental intervertebral disc degeneration
Oegema Ted (Chicago, US) The role of ECM and matrix molecule fragments in
disc degeneration
Ralphs Jim (Cardiff, GB) Cell-cell interactions and the cytoskeleton in
organisation of the developing intervertebral disc
Roberts Sally (Oswestry, GB) Proteinases and disc degeneration: where do
they come from and how are they influenced
Roughley Peter (Montreal, CA) The structure, degradation and lifespan of
aggrecan in the human intervertebral disc.
Sakai Daisuke (Isehara, JP) Stem cell applications in cell therapy for
nucleus repair
Setton Lori (Durham, US) Cell-matrix interactions and mechanobiology in the
intervertebral disc
Sobajima Satoshi (Osaka, JP) Gene therapy approaches for intervertebral
disc degeneration
Turner Simon (Ft. Collins, US) Spine surgery in a large animal model:
experiences and limitations
Urban Jill (Oxford, GB) Factors influencing nutrition of the intervertebral
Yoon Tim (Atlanta, US) Molecular therapy of intervertebral discs

Hansjoerg Wyss Foundation Awards
All participants are able to participate in the competition for the 2,500
US$ for the Best oral and Best poster presentation (one each). Full paper
submission considered for publishing in the European Spine Journal
(Supplement) there will automatically participate in the competition for
the 20,000 US$ Hansjoerg Wyss Foundation Award for Excellence in Spinal
Sciences that will be granted to the best paper.

Robert Mathys Foundation Student Awards
A student award will be given (whether oral or poster) in order to give
young scientists recognition of their scientific performance, which could
be documented in their curriculum vitae, and to encourage them to continue
their research career in the field of biomaterials. Robert Mathys Stiftung
sponsors the awards, which consist each of a certificate and a cash prize.

We invite submission of papers for consideration as oral and poster
presentations. Each submission must be original work that has not been
published previously. The abstracts should be in English and provide
sufficient information to assess aims, methods, results and impact of the
investigation. The complete abstract (maximum 1 page) should be set up and
e-mailed to the conference secretariat as described on

New to ECM VI: Submission of hypothesis papers, which outline a substantial
jump in thinking that is testable but not so easily testable that readers
will wonder why you have not already done it. New data is not part of a
hypothesis, but you must include a section on how to test your idea.
Sharing a new idea takes courage and conciseness.

All abstracts presented in either poster or oral format will be published
in a special supplement of the European Cells & Materials (ECM) online
journal. Failure to present an abstract will also prevent its publication.

Paper Submission (considered for ESJ Supplement and the 20,000 US$ award)
We invite submission of full papers on the topics of oral or poster
presentations for consideration to be published in a European Spine Journal
Supplementum. Each submission must be original work that has not been
published previously.
The paper manuscripts should be prepared according to the Instructions for
Authors of the journal (download PDF at
http://www.ecmjournal.org/ecm_meetings/ecm6/abstract.shtml). In addition to
the above instructions, we limit the manuscript length to 2,500 words
(without abstract, legends and references), maximum 4 figures or tables and
20 references. Papers should be then submitted electronically at
Please indicate with the appropriate checkbox that the submission is for
the Supplement, and refer in the section for “Comments to the Editor” to
the SRN meeting.
The 10 best papers will be published in fall 2005 in a European Spine
Journal Supplement dedicated entirely to the SRN meeting. The very best
paper published in the supplement, in addition, will win the 20,000 US$ -
Hansjoerg Wyss Foundation Award for Excellence in Spinal Sciences. The
award is open to all attendees including keynote speakers, but is not open
to the organisers or members of the Scientific Committee. Papers rejected
by the SRN Scientific Committee for publication in the supplement, upon the
authors choice and after the meeting, still can be considered for regular
submission to ESJ.

Abstract submission for oral presentations May 1st, 2005,
for poster presentations May 10th, 2005
and for paper submission June 10th 2005.

Please contact for any information on ECM congresses
Ms. Sonia Wahl, AO Research Institute, Clavadelerstrasse, CH-7270 Davos
Tel.: +41 81 41 42 541, Fax: +41 81 41 42 299 E-mail:

R. Geoff Richards, Editor-In-Chief
European Cells & Materials Journal